Why Hemmo

  • We have separate R&D facilities in Thane.
  • Our Turbhe manufacturing facility has 7 production lines dedicated to independently develop processes both in Solution and in Solid Phase.
  • We have strong expertise in both Solution Phase and Solid Phase synthesis of peptides
  • Our cGMP manufacturing facility in Turbhe has been successfully inspected by US FDA, EU authorities, EDQM, MFDS (Korea) and WHO.
  • At our Turbhe facility, we have a dedicated production line for Clinical Trial projects
  • We have the possibility at our GMP facility to upscale purification in any of purification lines using 5 cm to 30 cm diameter DAC columns.
  • We have a strong 60-member QC team equipped with the latest requirements for the characterization of peptides LC/MSMS, HPLC, Amino Acid Analyser, SOR, Ultra analytical balances in humidity-controlled rooms among others.
  • We have proven experience in delivering products for clinical trials to global customers.

We Offer

  • Custom synthesis for mg to kg for New Chemical Entity.
  • Development of synthetic route for scale up to Commercial quantities.
  • Impurity synthesis, isolation, purification and characterization
  • Documentation support from R & D to commercial supply.

Our Expertise With Peptides Includes

  • Sulphur rich Peptides (Multiple Di-sulphide bridge containing peptides)
  • Arginine rich Peptides
  • Linear & convergent approaches for long peptides
  • Working with protected peptides
  • Reduction using Sodium in liquid Ammonia at large scales
  • Synthesis and use of pseudo-prolines to reduce aggregation,
  • Ammonia-ethyl amine-HBr capabilities to work with multiple resins and linkers,
  • Hydrogenation and Birch Reduction
  • Solution phase as well as Solid phase peptide chemistries