Company Profile

Hemmo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is India's first & largest manufacturer of synthetic peptides. Hemmo Pharmaceuticals is privately held and has been in the business of peptides for the last 38+ years catering to the Pharmaceuticals, Research and Veterinary industries within India and globally. It has been ranked as the leading supplier of bulk Oxytocin to the global market.

We Provide


Manufacturing peptides with 38 + years of expertise.

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Custom Peptides with GMP

Your partner from investigational synthesis to regulatory filing.

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India's first indigenously developed spawning formulation

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Research & Development

Research & Development is conducted from 2 sites, one at the science park in Girona,Spain and another at Thane, India by a team of 30 scientists. Early stage strategy selection and lP analyses are done in Spain where we also have access to equipment like NMR, ICP MS. Processes are tested and developed at the Thane site before they are ready to transferred for production. With many decades of experience in working with peptides, our team is able to launch at least 2 new products every year to cater to our customers growing and changing needs.


ACTH is Adrenocorticotropic hormone. The function of which is to increase production and release of corticosteroids, commonly used in conditions of Primary adrenal insufficiency.


Atosiban is an inhibitor of the hormones Oxytocin and Vasopressin It is used as an intravenous medication as a labor represent (tocolytic) to halt premature labor.


Buserelin A GnRH analogue used in the treatment of hormone dependent Prostate Cancer & Endometriosis.


Calcitonin is a 32 amino acid linear polypeptide hormone produced in humans. It is used in the treatment of osteoporosis.