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About Us
Hemmo Pharma
About Us
Today, With more than 35 years of manufacturing and product development expertise,
Hemmo Pharmaceuticals is well equipped and has the relevant experience to meet requirements of Global Pharmaceutical Companies.
With a team of more than 160 highly skilled and well informed professionals, Hemmo Pharmaceuticals is well placed to serve MNCs, large pharma and R and D companies for their needs of peptides.
Our quality unit which is independent of production has state of the art analytical equipment including HPLCs, Polarimeters, Coulometers, Gas Chromatography with Head Space Analyzer, Amino Acid Analyzer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and several other equipments.
There are three labs, one each for Raw Material Control, in process control and control of finished products. We also have close links with academic and research institutes for analysis. Microbiological Control is performed in-house for which we have a state of the art laboratory that includes areas of grade A in grade B background.
We have a unit dedicated to R and D which is well equipped and has a significant pool of well qualified scientists. This helps us to optimize the manufacturing process in terms of costs and time to give the most economic product in desired quantity and quality. At the R and D unit, we also have access to animal testing facilities.
Approvals and Certifications
Inspected and approved by US FDA for Oxytocin and Desmopressin.
Inspected and approved by German Health Authorities for GMP.
Inspected and approved by CEP for Desmopressin from the European Pharmacopoeia.
Audited and Approved by some of the Top Ten Pharmaceutical Companies.
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